Just in case you’ve been living under a sexist rock, or in the MiddleEast, International Women’s Day was this past Sunday. My favorite fellow blonde, Ann St. Vincent, honored me by including JBlondie in her Sisterhood of Bloggers post and I’d like to recognize my favorite female writers.

Stop and think about it. Women are quite majestical aren’t we? We are the keepers of life. We possess a type of mystery which no man will ever truly understand. Whether we’re running a fortune 500 company or a stay at home mom, there is a certain magic to our world. Women can build a man up, we can tear a man down, and by the end of the day we can have him believing in the beauty of existence once again.

We’re sweet, we’re complicated, but more than anything else we are strong.

The women of wordpress have something unique in common. We have a strength that is seen through our writing. Our blogs are a source of power for us, and we take that to heart. Whether our goal is to make people laugh, help people learn from our mistakes, or simply to tell our story, there is always a purpose to what we say.

Ann St. Vincent is a shining example of someone who embraces her womanhood 24/7 by not only being a bold blogger, but being a success in the bedroom as well as out. Thank you for sharing yourself with us Ann and some of your most inner thoughts.

Now! …here are some of mine …

1.What is your favorite position?

This was an agonizing choice. However given my propensity for submission, I would have to say Belly Down. When we’re skin to skin and I can’t see anything except for the bed beneath me, my lover has complete control. Delicious.

2.If you and your ten-year old self would meet and have a talk, what would she be telling you?

            She would probably be chastising me for not becoming an actress. If you think I’m dramatic now…you should have seen me back then.

3.What is the first bit of writing you did outside of school/homework ?

My ten year old self was a fiction writer. I loved to write plays and then act them out.

4. What’s your favorite song now?

Valerie Loves me by Material Issue

5. If you could tell the world just one thing what would it be?

We need to start loving ourselves more otherwise we’ll never be able to love one another.

6.Which period of history had the best clothing?

1960s …by far

7. What makes you suddenly and disproportionately cross?

Stupid people.

8. How good are you at keeping secrets?

I’m awful at it! Worst.Secret.Keeper.Ever.

9. Do you have a pet? Tell us about her / him.

Lego (My Eggo). He’s 75lbs of smelly handsomeness. He looks like a killer Pit-bull but everyone who pets his football head falls in love. When I take Lego for walks I often wonder whether men are looking at me or him because he’s a guy’s kinda dog. Lego is the definition of man’s best friend.

10. If you could invent anything, what would it be?

A time machine.

This blogging community has come to be such an interesting web of individuals. Some of you I am now honored to call my friends and two of you in particular have come to be a source of guidance and inspiration for me. You know who you are.

However, this award focuses on the lovely women of wordpress. Therefore, I’d like to thank them for being a part of my blogging sisterhood. You’ve either made me laugh, cry, or think…maybe even all three!

Ann St. Vincent

Rambling Goat

Nonsensical Unicorn

Divorced and Single

Georgia P. (From Broad Blogs)



Keep writing sisters, because our words will only better this universe.

With Girl Power Love,